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HoneybeeTime is a time-tracking and productivity tool designed for remote teams, freelancers and SMBs' & large business owners who want to track their employees' time spent. With its automatic time tracking, task management, and reporting features, HonetbeeTime simplifies time management and helps teams improve productivity. It’s a simple-to-use and easy-to-learn time-tracking service designed for managers to keep an eye on employee performance and ensure they are working within 40 hours per week.

HoneybeeTime Overview

HoneybeeTime is an affordable time-tracking and time-monitoring software that enables business owners to manage their employee time spent and remote team members more efficiently. It captures all the information about an employee’s daily activities in a single, easy-to-understand dashboard.

When it comes to managing remote workers, one of the biggest challenges that digital companies face is ensuring that their employees are maximizing their time doing things that are relevant to their job. In fact, even with great productivity tools, there are still times when people just aren’t getting their work done.

HoneybeeTime, free time-tracking tool is essential for both solo freelancers and employers working with freelancers to manage projects and tasks, accurately capture and monitor work hours, or invite clients or individuals for project discussions—all in one platform.

This is exactly the reason why HoneybeeTime was developed. It aims to help all companies effectively monitor and manage their employees’ time and productivity, so they can ultimately boost their bottom line.

HoneybeeTime Features

Time Tracking

It allows users to track every second spent on tasks and projects with a simple click. The software automatically generates timesheets detailing work time and can also allow for manual time entry if users forget to track in real time.

Time Reporting

It enhances productivity by providing accurate, easily exportable time management reports. It promotes transparency about client hours and provides insights into team performance with detailed reports.

User Activity Monitoring

This tool allows for comprehensive tracking of apps and website usage across individuals, teams, and the entire company. HoneybeeTime automatically screenshots the screen(s) on the monitored device, so you will never miss any of your employee’s activity.

How Does HoneybeeTime Work?

HoneybeeTime is a cloud-based time-tracking app used to manage time effectively. The app tracks your employee’s time and productivity and gives detailed reports to help you better plan your business operations. The app can work offline. The data gathered will be automatically synced when Internet connection is available again.

Once HoneybeeTime is installed on a user’s computer, the tool works by recording the time and date of an employee’s activity, like opening an app or browsing the web. The dashboard provides comprehensive insights into time spent and productivity per task.

HoneybeeTime offers various features for business owners, managers, and team leaders to monitor their employees’ day-to-day activities. You can get real-time access to reports of time spent on a particular task, project, or even the whole team. Some of the available reports include daily, weekly, and monthly activity reports.

Who Should Use HoneybeeTime?

Companies across the globe are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to keep workers productive while working at home and office. HoneybeeTime aims to fill this gap by providing a web-based solution that helps companies get organized and maximize efficiency with affordability.

HoneybeeTime is particularly designed for businesses with a workforce around the globe. As a Hubstaff alternative, it provides real-time analytics that give companies valuable insights into how their team members spend their time during the day – which allows them to better understand how their workforce is performing, what tasks they are taking up, and what they are not doing.

Here are some businesses and professionals that can benefit from HoneybeeTime:

  • Freelancers and Virtual Assistants
  • Many companies nowadays hire freelancers and virtual assistants to work remotely for them. HoneybeeTime enables these freelancers and virtual assistants to track time spent on projects and bill their clients accordingly.

  • Content Writers
  • Content writing is a process that requires a lot of time and effort to complete. It’s essential to track time spent on each step of the content creation process in order to ensure that content writers get paid for their hard work.

  • Graphic Artists and Videographers
  • It’s common for graphic artists and videographers to spend a lot of time creating content for websites and advertising campaigns. HoneybeeTime helps these freelancers track time spent on their projects.

  • Project Managers
  • Project managers are responsible for monitoring progress, reviewing milestones, and ensuring organizational goals are met. They must keep track of time spent on various projects and appropriately allocate resources.

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • It is not uncommon for digital marketing agencies to outsource some of their functions to freelance workers. HoneybeeTime helps them track time spent by each team member so they can optimize performance and maximize resources.

  • Traditional Businesses
  • HoneybeeTime is a must-have tool for you if you want to fully maximize your work day and ensure that every employee is performing their duties at peak productivity. HoneybeeTime automates timesheets for accurate recording of working hours. HoneybeeTime offers affordable time management solutions to help traditional businesses improve efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.

HoneybeeTime Pricing

Meanwhile, compared to other Hubstaff alternatives in the market, HoneybeeTime’s monthly subscription plans offer great value for money. If you are looking for a solid, efficient, and versatile time-tracker tool that is capable of helping you improve your business productivity, look no further than HoneybeeTime.

HoneybeeTime’s pricing is divided into two subscription plans: Free (Free Forever plan per user) and Premium (only 1250LKR per user per month). You can take advantage of HoneybeeTime’s 14-day free trial to see whether it works for you before deciding to subscribe. All of the features (basic to advance) and inclusions are clearly outlined on the HoneybeeTime website.

HoneybeeTime Support

The good news is that HoneybeeTime offers email support, so you can still get help when you need it. We also have an extensive library of articles and guides on various topics, including how to use the software, troubleshooting tips, customization guides, etc.


HoneybeeTime is one of the best time-tracking software available out there. Advanced features allow you to track employee hours by the minute. You can generate detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reports, which will help you evaluate your team’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

It’s easy to use, highly efficient and provides reliable results. Plus, HoneybeeTime’s pricing plans are very reasonable, making it a viable project management solution for business owners and startups on a tight budget. That's why we called HoneybeeTime your trusted and affordable Time-Tracking Software.

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