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What is HoneybeeTime?

HoneybeeTime is an automated time-tracking software with many powerful features:

This extremely affordable time-tracking software offers low prices that make it accessible to businesses and freelancers of all sizes.

HoneybeeTime has everything you need to keep your team on track and focused on the task. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, HoneybeeTime makes it easy to manage your productivity, track your working time, and ensure that you work efficiently and effectively. With HoneybeeTime, managers can easily monitor their employees' work activities and see what they are working on in real-time. And it is allowing employees to log in and track their work hours on different projects. They can also take breaks and set reminders to keep themselves on track throughout the day.

HoneybeeTime’s screenshot feature helps to capture images of employees' screens at random intervals. This feature allows managers to see what their team is working on and ensure that they are staying focused and on-task. And also, HoneybeeTime allows managers to view reports that show each employee's productivity over time, so they can identify areas for improvement.

Who is HoneybeeTime for?

HoneybeeTime is a versatile time-tracking tool that is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their productivity and streamline their work process. The software can be used by individuals or teams of any size, making it an ideal choice for freelancers, small business owners, and managers a like.

HoneybeeTime is particularly well-suited for businesses whose employees work mostly on computers. The software allows employees to track their work hours and activities, set reminders, and take breaks as needed. HoneybeeTime also includes a feature where employees can write notes about their work activities, allowing managers to get a better understanding of what their team is working on and how they can support them better.

Why use HoneybeeTime?

We offer an unbeatable combination of affordability and functionality. Our software is priced competitively, making it accessible to freelancers, small business owners, and managers from companies of all sizes. And with HoneybeeTime, you get all the features you need to manage your time effectively and efficiently.

Our affordable pricing model means that you don't have to sacrifice quality for affordability. We believe that everyone should have access to top-quality time tracking software that helps them stay organized, productive, and on track. And with HoneybeeTime, that's exactly what you get. But just because HoneybeeTime is affordable doesn't mean we skimp on functionality. Our software is packed with features that help you track your work hours, log your progress, and stay on task. From screenshot capture to productivity reports, HoneybeeTime provides the insights you need to manage your time effectively and achieve your goals.

HoneybeeTime is the perfect choice for anyone looking for affordable, high-quality time tracking software. With a competitive price and a comprehensive range of features, HoneybeeTime helps you stay on track, stay organized, and stay productive, without breaking the bank.

What People Say

Kosala Indrasiri

Founder & CEO of Sanmark Solutions

As the CEO of Sanmark Solutions, I've seen firsthand how HoneybeeTime can transform productivity. We've been using it internally, and it's resulted in a 30% boost in our team's time management efficiency. It's not just for us, but for anyone—from freelancers to large teams—looking to streamline their work processes.

Why track time with HoneybeeTime

Improve Productivity                 

When you start working with HoneybeeTime, every team member is aware of their tasks and work efficiency. And provide the facility to work on projects with high productivity.

Reduce Money Leaks and save Cost

We offer HoneybeeTime to you at an affordable price than the other time-tracking software options. Using HoneybeeTime’s features and managing your time accordingly, you can gain cost effective solutions.

Increase Team Collaboration

Working as a team with specific tasks, time management and awareness is very important. HoneybeeTime provides useful features to improve and manage the team's efficiency during the entire project.

Remote employees’ work monitoring

Our system facilitates taking real-time information about your employees with random screenshots of employees’ browsers,not just the browser, but the entire screen even multiple screens if available.It helps to monitor the employees’ work with trustworthiness.

Employees can manage their time

HoneybeeTime provides features for users to track time spent on each project and task. It helps in making decisions about the allocation and distribution of their time along with the priority level of the work.

Real-Time Insights                

HoneybeeTime provides real-time insights into your work patterns and productivity, helping you identify areas where you can improve and work more efficiently.



Time is money, and every minute counts. HoneybeeTime helps businesses in different industries stay on top of their time management.

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