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What is HoneybeeTime?

With HoneybeeTime's versatile desktop, web, or mobile applications, your team can effortlessly track time against projects and to-do lists. But that's just the beginning. You'll be mesmerized by the in-depth analytics on offer, such as the time each team member spends on individual tasks and their activity rates.

HoneybeeTime's intuitive online dashboard presents everything you need to know in a way so that you can see the forest through the trees.

You have the freedom to personalize most of these functions to suit each user's needs, leaving you with the ultimate team management tool that is tailor-made for you. This is the magic of HoneybeeTime - everything you could wish for in one beautifully crafted, bewitching package.

How does HoneybeeTime's time tracking work?

Keeping track of time has never been easier, thanks to Honeybeetime's effortless time-tracking software. Setting up your organization and projects is straightforward, and with HoneybeeTime's desktop, web, and mobile apps, keeping track of time is a breeze.

You can even create to-do lists within projects to ensure pinpoint precision. Once you start tracking time on a task, HoneybeeTime quietly runs in the background without hogging precious resources.

Switching between tasks or halting your progress can be done with minimal effort, and when HoneybeeTime isn't tracking you, no other data is recorded. The aim is solely to monitor the work done on your device, not to be a watchful eye.

Does HoneybeeTime record my screen?

HoneybeeTime can capture pictures of your computer screen every 10 minutes, up to 3 pictures per interval. HoneybeeTime offers screenshots and screen recordings, allowing customers to get a deeper look into workflows and behaviors and pinpoint where improvements or additional training is needed.

Screenshots are a valuable resource for providing proof of work to clients or for internal matters and also provide insights into activity levels such as keyboard and mouse movement.

HoneybeeTime screencasts are optional for customers and have several settings that include an option to blur screenshots and give their team the ability to delete certain screenshots when needed.

Does HoneybeeTime record voice and video?

Absolutely not, and we have no intention to do so. HoneybeeTime is designed to increase productivity, not to spy on you. We will never capture audio from your microphone or record footage of your webcam.

How does HoneybeeTime track my team's productivity and efficiency?

Tracking your team's performance can be quite a daunting task, but HoneybeeTime's got your back with its array of features that'll help fine-tune efficiency levels with ease.

Suppose you've got a video editor as one of your team members. During the day, the editor's activity levels may seem low yet consistent. However, after checking the app usage report, you'll see that they'd been buckling down on video-editing software for virtually all of their work hours. Intuitive reasoning? Rendering videos takes up considerable time and energy, but not necessarily mouse and keyboard input.

Let's consider a writer who's working on a rather ambitious piece. A low activity rate might not necessarily indicate inefficiency. Heavy research and browsing through various websites routinely precede writing. So, it's always wise to have a look at the websites visited to get a clearer picture.

HoneybeeTime is most potent when you set transparent expectations for your team. Keeping track of productivity levels enables you to identify any improvements or deterioration in each team member's output over time. As they say, practising makes perfect. Employing HoneybeeTime regularly ultimately strengthens each team member's talents to create an unbeatable team that's always on point.

How does HoneybeeTime address privacy concerns?

At HoneybeeTime, we ensure the confidentiality of your personal information. You have the freedom to decide when to keep track of your work time, and we notify you when we capture screenshots of your computer screen. You can review all the details we collect about your work and delete any erroneous time-tracking. We believe it's crucial for you to have complete comprehension and command over your data.

Does HoneybeeTime work offline?

Certainly! HoneybeeTime allows you to work without disruptions, even in the event of an internet outage. When connectivity is lost, HoneybeeTime will save all of your time and activity logs locally until it's re-established. At that moment, they will be securely uploaded to the server.

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